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Friday am 6k

Up and out. Decent sleep.

Listening to 3 kids from St Mikes have a hilarious conversation about age on the ttc.

Run was fine. Very much a plodding run though. Calves are beyond tight.

Saw another runner on the way in. Older lady. Said hi. Otherwise not much doing.

Lots of angry thoughts on the way in.

Taking tonight off then a double tomorrow then done for the week.

That is all for now…


Thursday 6k pm

Short little run. Nice night. Was a bit overdressed but nothing problematic.

Run went quick. I was upset the entire way and was chanelling frustration and resentment and some anger for most of the run.

Not sure what kind of day it was. I feel as though I accomplished nothing. Yet I worked for 11 hours.

6k tomorrow morning hopefully.

That is all for now…

Thursday am 6k

Up early and ran in. Dark when I started. Cold. Nice morning though.

Very heavy pack today. Winter weighted – ha.

Run was a bit laborious but wasn’t bad. It was a good idea to skip last night’s run.

Didn’t see anything interesting until after I finished my run. Saw a woman on the subway who had a butt lift. She had an absolutely perfect ass. Definitely dulled by the fact that she paid for it. Shame that stuff like that can’t be real.

That is all for now…

Tuesday pm 6k

Tough run. Worked till 8ish and then ran home.

Didn’t eat much. Started feeling faint. Almost fainted. Had to walk and buy sugar. Pretty bad.

Run prior to that wasn’t good or bad. All I really remember is how fast and hard the low blood sugars hit.

That is all for now…

Wednesday am 6k

Don’t remember much about this run. Just posting for continuity.

That is all for now….

Tuesday am 6k

Up pretty early and out.

830 am meeting. In fact, I had meetings all day. I was most worried about the pm meeting and it ended up being the easiest. Imagine that.

Major drama re my sister today. Fuck me. Scared me actually. She seems fine – though she could have been lying to me. I won’t know until I know I guess. Feel horrible for her partner. Simply brutal situation.

Run in was ok. Not good or bad. Just ok. I chugged along. Didn’t have time for an 8k. I will try to do that tomorrow.

Didn’t see anything or anyone. Really sparse. Saw a ton of squirrels though.

I’m going to be crazy and try to run every day this week. Ideally doubles every day. Will see. If I can, I will take sunday off.

That is all for now…

Monday pm 6k

Ran home. Dark yet quick run. Not sure why but it went by quickly. The first km or 2 took forever though.

Got home. Felt decent. Good to be active after feeling the way I did for the past 3 days.

Saw two other guys running. I used them as rabbits. Caught up and passed them.

That is all for now….