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Monday 30k

Rode in and out.

Cold sweats on the way in. Don’t know why. Felt a little jittery.

Didn’t see anything interesting on the way in. Only memorable moment was when I realized I didn’t start strava.

Super hot and humid coming home. Kind of zonked at the end due to sweating. Some scary news kind of put me in a difficult headspace for riding.

Frustrating day. Glad it was over.

Glad my ride was over. Riding my touring bike these days. Or rather, lumbering along on my touring bike these days.

Will be back on my good road bike once I get it back from the shop.

That is all for now…

Saturday 50k

Bit of a warm up and then did the 3 sisters route on zwift.

Not sure how I was in watopia – was expecting London. Wondering if I just beat the cutoff at the start of my ride. Who knows.

Did the 3 sisters. Basically a 48k ride with a little more than 900m of climbing. Good solid climb. Took me just under 2 hours. Not sure the exact time.

Represented the first time I have done the full route. I think I started it one time but didn’t finish. That said – I apparently have been up the volcano though I don’t recall actually finishing the ride or how I got up there in the first place.

I took the first climb conservative. Just rode strong but controlled. Never went into the red. I was a little slower than my fastest ever but it was good enough for the kom jersey (very few UK riders were in the game due to some big event in london – as a result the leader board was slower than usual).

Next up was the mountain plus the radio tower. Rode up conservatively. Constantly forcing myself down from 280-300 watts to the 250 range. I ended up approximately 3 minutes slower than my pb but it was still good for the kom jersey. Pretty surprised by that, but I had the jersey and it somehow held up for the rest of the ride.

Rode down the mountain and around watopia to the volcano. Wasn’t sure where the volcano climb started and wasted some watts going around the circuit. Eventually I hit the climb. I rode up the climb with decent amount of effort. Close to 275-300 watts for the climb. Happy with that, especially after nearly 2 hours of riding. Ended up with the jersey. When I first entered the ride there was was a guy who went up in 6 minutes on the leaderboards. That is over 45km per hour. I saw a guy later get cautioned and his times taken away -guessing it is the same guy. I went up in 9 minutes. Not fast by any stretch but 4.5km at an avg grade of 5 percent over 6 minutes is pretty fake unless you are nearly professional.

So I got to ride around with a volcano jersey until I finished. I took a pic with each jersey as I doubt I will get to wear them often. Felt good afterwards as it was a solid effort.

As soon as I finished it kicked me out to London.

In the game I have nearly made it up everest. The game has been good to me. A lot if climbing fitness that if couldn’t ever have obtained. Also good for me to understand effort to power to speed as well as what certain gradients feel like.

Hope all the zwifting will aid me in my Montreal ride.

That is all for now….

Friday 30k

Posting this very late. Don’t remember anything. Purely posting for the sake of continuity.

That is all for now…

Wednesday 30k

Rode in and out today. Standard ride. Apart from feeling tired and lethargic this morning it was pretty much the status quo.

Didn’t see much of interest riding in. Rode the touring bike again. My god that thing is a beast. It weighs close to 30 pounds whereas my regular bike weighs close to 18. No wonder it feels so sluggish after riding my good bike.

What is does have going for it is a relaxed geometry and smooth ride. I will say that it is nice when riding continually (ie no start stops). Not great for city riding though.

Ride home was also ok. Rode my legs pretty hard across danforth. Felt good to feel the burn. Otherwise not much of note.

Really toying with selling the touring bike. Either pick up a cheap decent bike with cages or mountain bike pedals or buy a really good bike and use my Emonda as my every day ride. Lot to think about there. Or just buy a cheap bike and put mountain pedals on it and have 3 bikes. Yep -lot to think about -A lot.

Tomorrow is off due to lots of rain

That is all for now…

Tuesday 30k

Back on the bike today. Tried to do a ride last night and it just didn’t work. 2.6km into the ride I bailed. Rare occurrence for me.

Always feel like such a failure when I bail. Need to remember that I can count bailed workouts per year on a single hand. In fact I probably have less than 3 per year. Important to remember that I rarely bail and that when I do it is likely for a good reason. 

Ride today was really odd. The touring bike just feels so strange. The seat is big and soft (though it really isn’t -simply a function of relativity). The pitch of the seat is different. The bike is the opposite of responsive and it lumbers. I feel that it is slow but in reality it isn’t -it just is in relation to a performance bike. 

Ride in was just odd. Cool. Overcast. Windy. Was happy to be done. Didn’t see much of interest. Just rode. Got stuck beside 2 big trucks. Hated every second of it. 

Ride home was very odd. I felt really twitchy the whole ride. Almost off. Not sure how else to describe.  Almost fell twice. 

Oddity of the ride was a “pretty” blond girl scolding a pedestrian that she was trying to make a right on a red but that he was crossing in front of her. He had the right of way. You have to be pretty to be that freaking stupid. I don’t understand how it gets to that point. But it seems to. 

Not much else. 

I’m going to get my bikes tuned up this week. Will drop off one tomorrow evening and then do the other on the weekend after I zwift. 

The hope is to ride tomorrow and Friday.  Ideally I’d like to get in a 50k zwift ride on Saturday am and then a 25k ride on sunday am. Will see how that plays out. Thursday appears to be a rain filled day so I will have to play it by ear. 

I understand the problem with my cycling shorts now. It is a fundamental problem. The chamois has worn out. There are now edges and the edges are exactly where I experienced the chaffing between 50-100k on the Niagara ride. Kind of dissapointed in the shorts. They are only a few years old. I would have thought they would hold up better. 

Montreal ride is approaching. 3 weeks from Thursday.  Freaking me out actually. Bought a bunch of shit for it last night.  Hope it doesn’t rain.

That is all for now….

Friday am 25k

As it turned out I was able to squeeze a ride in this morning. All it took was my flight being delayed by 2 hours. 

Did a 25k on zwift around London. Did the full route plus a few extra km. Not really any take aways apart from the following:

-I really need to learn where the sprints start. I thought I was about to start and I was just finishing. Worst part. I would have crushed the time and earned the jersey if I had of know . Slow time for once. 

-box hill is a really great climb for me. 2 weeks ago I rode so hard that I had to get off my bike. Today I was about 10 seconds slower and was never close to red lining. I was well within the upper reaches of my limit but was still within my safe limit. 

-I enjoy riding London. Not as much as watopia though. I feel as though they need to add another jersey segment somewhere in london. Not really sure what else they can do though.

-My bike is creaking when  I go hard. Really don’t love that. Makes me paranoid.

-looking forward to getting back to watopia. Would love to get a 3 sisters ride in. Great workout. 

So yeah. Happy to get a workout in. Was about 50 minutes. Maybe a few minutes less.

That is all for now…

Thursday 22k

Plus minus 22k.

Ride too hard at times in the first 17k. Dizzy and nautious. Wasn’t great. Wasn’t smart. Would have preferred to have put in a solid 35k and not gone as hard. Really kind of dumb what I did. 

Did the Richmond tt course. I can see the allure of the course. Especially with the 3 short punchy climbs. Course gives you a bit of everything. Pretty boring and a little post apocalyptic though. Good route to have a short race on. Probably 25 to 26 minutes of pain. Those punchy hills would really do you in after 20 plus minutes of hard riding. 

On the fence re riding tomorrow morning. Seems like I’m doing it just because. I suspect I will get more benefit from sleeping an extra 40 minutes than from waking up at 5am and riding for 30 minutes before departing. 

Guess I’ll see how I sleep.

That is all for now…