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Wednesday 35k

Zwifted late last night while the kids watched Mulan.

Calibrated and rode. Something was off. My power was half of what I would have expected. Recalibrated and it improved but I still couldn’t get to 300w without sprinting (I normally hold a bit less than 300 watts for 20 minutes).

Decided to ignore and just rode. Finished up and got off my bike. My tire is quite under inflated. I guess that and the fact that my spindowns were taking close to 30 seconds should have told me that I would have power meter problems.

Oh well. Got in a workout when I didn’t expect to. Happy about that.

Hope to run tomorrow.

That is all for now….


Tuesday 30k

Rode in and out.

Cool in the morning. Humid at night. Not feeling amazing. Legs are pretty shot. That run I did used some muscles that haven’t been used since the spring. Good though.

Breathing isn’t amazing. I need to see a doctor in general. Shouldn’t be this hard. Up all night with breathing issues. Brutal.

Didn’t see much of interest. Lots of dead racoons on the ground. Got caught behind one of those sweeper trucks. Really bad to be stuck behind one when you aren’t breathing well.

On the way home I stopped and talked to a client for 5 minutes. Haven’t seen her for a few years. I rode well across danforth. Didn’t hit any lights between broadview and coxwell. Basically zipped across the city at 32k per hour. Funny about that. On the touring bike that requires real effort on my real bike I zip along like that all the time. That touring bike lumbers.

Only issue was some Rogers van that thought it could block a lane of traffic in rush hour.

Feel sick this morning. Uncomfortable and cold sweats. Not great. Skipped my am workout. I’ll try to zwift tonight.

Once I get kids to bed tonight I need to do a ton of stuff re our trip. Laundry and pack. Not sure I’ll be able to zwift. Will do my best.

Workout wise I’d love to get something basic in today, do ride in and run home on Thursday and then do a 30k zwift friday morning before we leave. Not sure how realistic all that is but I won’t be working out sat/sun and likely monday so I want to get a body of work in.

That is all for now…

Monday 10k

Not sure if 9 or 10k. Might be 9 and change.

Ran to Broadview from the office.

Some person wearing sandalwood on the ttc this morning and I have a temple headache. Happens every time. Hate that stuff.

2nd run since April. Felt terrible at first. Just kept at it. Leg muscles are exhausted but cardio was fine. Definitely could have been worse.

Saw a few runners. All anti social except the triathlete. Tons of cyclists. A few buildings have been finished since my spring running and they seem to be done with that old track down by Bayview under the bridge (was a storage yard for the construction work).

Hoping to ride everyday for the rest of the week. Will be taking sat/sun off and likely monday. Not sure how I’m going to squeeze in a workout on Thursday but I’ll do my best.

That is all for now…

Sunday 27k

3 hilly laps in reverse. Didn’t push for overall fast lap times – though I did end up with an orange jersey by fluke.

Went decently up the reverse kom. Took the jersey. Had it for awhile and then a guy took it. I did a 4:27 and still had something else to give. The guy did a 4:11. Not sure I can beat a 4:11. Seems like anything pretty close to 4 is similar to something close to 2 on the forward route.

Went around the course again and took a stab at the sprint. Missed the jersey by 5 hundredths of a second. Went around again and crushed it. Did a 12:04. Which seems pretty quick. At least to me.

Took 3 jerseys. Had an otherwise nice relaxing ride. Wasn’t quite the weekend total I was looking for but it was close.

That is all for now…

Saturday 45k

Did the 3 sister route in reverse.

Interesting doing it in reverse. I want to say that it is much harder but I’m not sure.

In reverse you end with the reverse kom. It is more of a drag than a hill per se – though there are a few inclines within. The normal way you end with the volcano, which isn’t a massive climb but it is 4km at 4 percent (misleading given than 2+km aren’t at much more than 2 percent). The normal way certainly ends harder.

I guess the difference is that in reverse you go from the volcano to the reverse mountain. The reverse mountain is infinitely steeper than the regular. The regular is almost never steeper than 8 percent whereas the reverse is almost always 8 percent or more. The reverse is a few km shorter but it has no flat section until the last +-300m.

I managed to pb the volcano and get a jersey (lost it soon afterwards). I’d like to analyze how I ride up the volcano. I think I would find that I ease up on flats. I wonder how much time I would claw back if I maintained my climbing watts through the flats. I avg 330 watts for the nearly nearly minute climb. That is pretty close to a high for me (might be a high). I think I need to warm up and then hammer the volcano to see if I can get my time under 7 minutes.

I rode up the mountain steady and honest. I’m not sure on my avg watts. I’d guess I avg close to 3.5 watts per kg. That is pretty std for me climbing at a steady pace. Call it 75-80 percent. I was 3 minutes slower than my pb. I was the 3rd fastest time on the hour (which seems a little high). I saw the new road. Guessing they are putting in a ring road so that you can loop the mountain climb. I’m hoping the put some roads on the other 3 mountains. Would be nice.

I tried to ride up the reverse kom. Just didn’t work. I fell apart.

I’m not sure if my trainer wasn’t calibrated or if I was weak yesterday or if I’m truly out of shape but my watts just weren’t there. Especially towards the end. It got pretty brutal.

I’m going to do an hour on sunday. Not sure what though.

That is all for now…

Thursday 30k

Rode in and out.

Humidity broke the night before. Was cool all day. Nice in the sun but a touch cool for my choice of clothes in the shade.

Rode steady on the way in. Went up poplar plains for the first time in months. Interesting contrast. Even with my breathing issues I made it up in a decent gear very smoothly. Thank you zwift.

Rest of the ride was meh.

Ride home was pretty slow. A lot of traffic and cyclists. Necessitated the need to be slow and careful. I guess that is what happens when I leave right at 5pm. Amazing how different traffic is 45 minutes later.

Got home just before the nanny had to leave. My wife was out all night so I got to play single daddy. Played with the kids, watched beauty and the beast; had a dance party to 60s music and then put them to bed.

Was going to ride on Friday but slept in. Running home instead. Will see how that goes. 2nd run since the spring.

Plan for the weekend is 2x zwift rides. Both in the 40-50km range. Common plan but it often changes. I hope I can stick to it. I need the fitness – getting chubby again and it is time for a reset.

That is all for now…

Tuesday 30k

Rode in and out.

Still very hot. Maybe not quite as hot but the air quality is worse.

Not much going on this morning. Just rode steady. Freaking lumbering touring bike. Not pretty.

Ride home was similarly slow. Just rode. Too hot to do anything else. Felt like I was having an asthma attack (mild) when coming across danforth.

Some lame ass guy on an ebike was honking whenever a cyclist wasn’t going fast enough. Dude was only able to ride a little over 20km per hour – probably on account of being a less than svelte man on a tiny ebike. I whizzed past him.

Nothing else going on. Almost got side swiped by someone who didn’t check their blind spot. Scary. Good thing I was paying attention.

Otherwise that was it.

Not sure if I am going to ride tomorrow morning or evening. Tomorrow is a zwift day. Richmond. I’d love to ride in the AM and PM if possible. That would be quite the coup.

That is all for now…