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Tuesday am 6k

Was doing an 8k. Next thing I knew I was 500m north on my 6k route.

Crazy thing is that I never made a decision to turn off. Pure muscle memory. Insane that it is that ingrained in me. No wonder I’m having issues getting back into 8k morning runs.

Felt pretty rough initially this morning. Body wasn’t happy. Makes sense. Once I got going it improved (usually feel better by coxwell). Saw a few random runners today but that was it.

Hail in the air on the way in. Kind of neat to run in it. At least when the pellets are tiny.

Plan is to run 6k home. Ideally be home by 8 again. That is the magic time until I can get back on a bike and push it up to 745.

That is all for now…


Monday 6k pm

Ran home. Long day. Got home just after 8pm. Enough time to eat quickly and hang out with the kids before going upstairs for book time.

Run was fine. I was a tad tight chested. Not sure why.

Didn’t see much or anyone. Really just a dark solitary run home. Went by quickly.

Enjoyed being on fresh legs today. Next 2 days will be progressively worse. Ugh.

That is all for now…

Monday am 8k

Hmm. Today will be OK or will be a train wreck. Will have to wait and see. Getting fucked over somewhat.

Run was fine. Looks warmer than it was. Didn’t believe minus 11 with wc and then I did believe. It’s OK though. Gorgeous morning otherwise.

Run was fine. Felt fine. Saw a bunch of other runners. Rabbit’d off one of them. Older runner. Strong.

Found a pair of gloves to wear. Thankfully. Would have ducked without.

Plan is to do a 6k home. Will see what happens.

That is all for now…

Saturday am 6k

Skipped Saturday. Disgusted.

Couldn’t bring myself to cycle. Ran to warden and back just to get out and about. Thought clearer afterwards.

Not in a great place mentally or physically these days. Shame.

Hope this week will find me on a better track. Will see.

That is all for now…

Thursday am 6k

Ran in. Ankle issues. Stopped at Broadview.

Skipped Thursday pm.

That is all for now

Wednesday pm 6k

Ran home. Posting late. Remember nothing.

Wednesday am 8k

Ran in this morning. Decent run though not good. I’m out of shape and getting back into the swing of it. Man – feels rough relatively speaking.

Saw a dead pigeon but not much else that I remember. Tried to get a coffee but the line up was insane.

Posting this on Thursday and I can’t remember much. All a bit of a blur.

I’m blown away that I have been running in shorts so much this winter. For a winter with a lot of snow, the temperatures haven’t been terrible. Still a month to go and I’m a little worried about having one of those creeping winters that just don’t transition to spring properly. Nothing I can do but try not to be annoyed if it happens.

That is all for now…