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About me

I am a 30+ runner living in Toronto’s east end.  I have lived in Toronto since moving here in the late 90s for university. During university I spent most of my time in the pool, trying to be a competitive swimmer – with little success. After university I moved around to various neighbourhoods within the city, eventually moving to North York shortly around the time I got married. After several somewhat miserable years living in the “North Bay of Toronto” (I am a bit of city guy, so notwithstanding the good Asian and Persian food, North York really didnt’ do it for me), my wife and I sold our house, took a deep breath (and the accompanying mortgage) and moved to the Beaches.

Initially I started “scheduled” running with a local group in the early Winter of 2010 as a means of meeting people in the area and as a method of staying in shape through the winter. However, I enjoyed the experience of running with a group so much that I continued my training through to the spring Goodlife Toronto marathon, my first marathon, and am now training for the fall Scotiabank marathon.

Am I a good runner? Not even close…Do I enjoy running? Absolutely…Will I ever qualify for the Boston Marathon? I couldn’t imagine running fast enough to qualify, let alone being fast enough to actually register without resorting to changing my sex and falsifying my age…If I’m not interested in Boston, what is my dream marathon? To run in the New York marathon, not for time – but rather to soak in the experience…Where do I see my running taking me? I would love to run an ultra-marathon someday, I love the thought of achieving something as inconceivable as running an 80 or a 100 kilometre race…

Why do I run? My inner nerd loves the high “value for time expended” nature of running, my inner traveller loves how waking early to run while on vacation provides otherwise hidden insights into foreign cities, the introverted CA in me loves the solitary nature of the sport whereas my inner gossip-whore loves the social aspect of gabbing over a 3 hour run and then going for coffee afterwards and gossiping even more, and finally, my inner competitive athlete loves the inherent brutally honest nature of the sport – in running, as in swimming, there is no team to hide behind and there are no excuses to be made – it is as simple as, either you performed faster than your personal best or you didn’t…and if you didn’t, what are you going to do about it…


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