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July 19, 2018

Up alpe du huez this morning. Figured if the Tour de France guys were going up so should I 🙂

They went up much faster than I did. I didn’t even attempt speed. Rather I tried to average 200w for my first bike ride and first proper workout in several weeks.

Good thing I had low expectations because I bArely met them. Just kind of rode. Regardless of the lack of effort it is very clear to me that rides like that don’t suit me. Not sure why – they just don’t. I feel like my power to weight ratio just isn’t high enough. Like, my inherent or best case ratio isn’t high enough. I like climbing – I really enjoy it – but climbs that sit at 10 percent for long stretches aren’t for me.

Still I got up the climb. I hit level 19 while on the climb. Level 20 is ages away. Couldn’t care less about the levels anyways. I’m within 5000m of the tron bike. Looking forward to that in so much as i have something to look forward to. Only 10 percent more 🙂

I’m going to do more climbing tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll do a double ascent of the original mountain or if I’ll do huez again. I’m thinking double ascent.

That is all for now…


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