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Monday 30k

August 7, 2017

In reality, today was just under 30k. I believe it was 28 point something. I did 401m of climbing and I rode for an hour.

I was zwifting. Did the London loop 15k course in both directions. Good solid ride. Highlight was obviously box hill and box hill in reverse.

Good solid ride up bh the first time. Dropped over a minute off my pb. Just missed coming in under the 8 minute mark – something in the high 7 minute range is probably the faster end of my realistic range right now. Was 9th in the game. Maybe 3 guys in the low 7s and then a bunch of guys slightly faster then me. I rode up at an average of 311 watts. Just under 4.2 watts per kg. Good ride for me.

Got to the bottom and rode to tower bridge. U turned and came back. Hill in reverse is a little bit steeper and definitely less traveled. Kom was 8 minutes low. An excellent target if I had been fresh.

I rode up stupidly. For the first km I was under the 8 minute target but I could tell it wasn’t tenable. Then I geared down for a minute. When the rode pitched up again I rode hard and had my Eta as the 2nd fastest. Then I just gave up and spun the last 500m. Brutal job by me. Next time I will likely do the climb in reverse first.

Weather doesn’t look good for my Montreal ride. Pretty unhappy about that.

That is all for now…


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