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Saturday 40k ride

August 5, 2017

1.5 hour ride today -or just under. Was supposed to ride in the am but I didn’t fall asleep until after 4am and could get up. Did the ride after lunch. I was tired, full and the beer I had at lunch wasn’t a great idea workout wise.

Zwifted up the mountain in reverse, down the mountain, back up the mountain and then down again.

Just under 1000 meters of ascent in 40k of riding. The descents take less than 10 minutes each so I was climbing for 80 percent of the ride time. Solid effort.

I rode hard but measured on the first ascent. I was a little slower than the other day but not much. I kind of flamed out a little bit near the top but I maintained as best I could. Imperfect conditions today -I just did the best I could. I actually ended up with the kom jersey by a wide margin. Usually the case to date with the mountain in reverse.

Riding up I noticed a lot of b and c class riders. I passed all of them. Makes sense to me. I am probably in the faster quarter of the b class riders. Again -makes sense to me.

On the way down I rode with a bunch of “a” class riders. Really just drafting and whatnot. I u turned at the bottom so as to climb back up again.

There was definitely something going on with my trianer/power meter on the way back up. My power was fluctuating widely. Unlike anything I’ve seen before. I am quite steady when running and riding. In this instance I was jumping from 220 to 320 to 380 back to 280. I’m guessing 275 was where I really was.

I came in 10th on the climb. 4 minutes slower than my fastest. 1st was 24 minutes. 3rd was 26 minutes. My pb was 1 second faster than 3rd. I was nowhere near on form. Definitely tired from the previous exertion but i was Suprised to be at 30 minutes.

Interesting contrasting between the 2 climbs. The normal climb is 5-6 percent for a while then a flat and repeat. There are a few 7 and 8 percent sections but that is it. There are also some dips. The reverse is 8 percent on perpetuity with ramps of 10 to 12 percent. It is shorter and more consistent. There are no flats.

I don’t do as well on the regular mountain as the reverse. I seem to have issues generating flat course watts relative to climbing watts. I think it is a function of the fact that I am a bit of a spinner. Thus i will rarely get up the normal kom first but do much better on the reverse climb.

Was happy with the workout today. Legs are strong and fit. Socks are good. Jury is out on the bib shorts. Still not certain how I feel about them.

Hope to be back at it tomorrow. If I get can back door myself onto watopia I will do the 3 sisters. If not. It will be the 60k london course.

Oh. I have almost everested. Another plus minus 1000 meters to go. I get a nice new Emonda if I do.

After I have everested I will either do Italy or California. Not sure which.

That is all for now…


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