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Friday 27k – mountain ride

August 4, 2017

Mountain ride today. Was going to ride up and over and then up again but I stopped part way up the 2nd time. It had been an hour and I wanted a break before the kids came home.

Got the last of my big things out the door today. Happy about that. Now it’s a game of rats and mice – hopefully -for the rest of the month.

Ride was good. Brutal start. Had to get off/on the bike for things about 5 times before I was able to ride in earnest. Once I got going it was good.

Wore my bib shorts for the first time. Took some serious getting used to. Ugh. Wonder how I will feel about them in the long run. The first 15 minutes were so uncomfortable that I double checked to ensure they weren’t on backwards – ha. Got better though.

Tried to ride at 300 watts the entire ascent. Did a good job of it. There are a few parts where it flattens out – didn’t worry about the watts there. At the beginning I kept spiking into the 400s. Had to cool it otherwise I would explode. As it was I neatly blew in the last 1km. Slowed down. Focused my breathing. Cold water on my face. I was way too hot from lack of air in the basement. I was also feeling the exertion. Recentered myself, geared down and rode 270 watts to the finish. Earned the kom jersey.

At the end the program told me my ftp was 271 which is 3.65 watts per kg. That makes some sense to me. When I do these climbs 270 watts is a nice maintainable number that I could ride at for quite some time. Hard riding but not anywhere near the red. I should probably do a full/proper ftp test as I suspect it would be at bit higher than 271 watts. The goal is to get to a point where climbing at 300 watts feels the way that 250 watts currently feels.

Power outage right now. Quite the storm. Hope power comes back on.

Assuming all is normal tomorrow morning I would like to do 3 sisters tomorrow morning. Good solid 2 hour ride. I will be trying out my riding gear for my Montreal ride. Hope all goes well.

That is all for now…


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