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Friday am 8k

November 27, 2015

Wow. Easily the worst run in recent memory. I’m not certain how I even managed to start, let alone, finish the run.

Pretty much in full on zombie mode after a night of complete shit sleep. My son kept waking up meaning that I couldn’t fall back asleep. Real eff up.

Run in was a blur. I know that I half ran half stumbled to woodbine after which I hit a red light and started back up with a degree of competence. I think I shuffled along at a not terrible pace for much of the run though I was certainly quite happy to hit many red lights.  I saw some serious crazies on the way in. The highlight was the crazy and likely high 25 year old guy who thought he would stand in the middle of the street and have an argument with a streetcar. Guy was bat shit crazy. I don’t think he had the slightest idea what was going on around him or what he was doing.

I was relieved to get into the 2nd half of the run and start working my way towards downtown. At times I moved not terribly but in general I had a run matching my near nonexistent mental state.

My main memory of the run was the odd weather and my poor wardrobe choice. It was warm, except for a significant headwind when it was cold. I wore a light shirt under my running jacket. I ended up stopping and taking off the light shirt in favor of wearing the jacket as a shirt. What I really needed was my bright green long sleeved shirt but it was nowhere to be found.

I guess I’m happy to have 55k in on the week and still have the weekend to knock off a 10k run. Good place to be in, especially with a rough start to next week looming in the distance (might need to do some serious work this weekend).


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