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Tuesday pm 8k

November 24, 2015

Ran home from the theatres again tonight. Feeling on a low energy ebb all day and a massive and amazing lunch only added to the lethargy.

Ran as a matter of getting home and nothing else. Didn’t worry about running fast just went slow and steady with short fast steps and I churned my way home. No idea what time I got in. What I do know is that I turned on my phone to at least 14 emails from  2 people all jibberjabbering between themselves. Email etiquette is important.  There should never be 14 emails in a 45 minute span between the same 2 people. Just shouldn’t happen.

Run was pretty solid. I was a touch warm Soni dropped the headband I used this morning. I did use my crab gloves though. Like I said above, I took it steady but easy and I feel like I actually managed to get a half decent run in as a result.

I saw a few other runners but nobody going my way. I’m feeling pretty desperate for people to run home with or into work with. Maybe I will see if nfg has any interest in running into work in the mornings. She might. Worth a shot.

Rollered my legs. They generally feel worse on the back end of back to back double days so that is positive.

I’m taking tomorrow off. Feeling pretty sick to my stomach actually. Fingers crossed that I haven’t caught the flu. It feels like I have.

That is all for now…


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