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Thursday AM 8K

April 23, 2015

Up early, thanks to my son, and out early. Left the house by 7:05, had some serious mobilization issues but managed to get out the door in 1 piece.

Cool morning. Minus 1 but there is a stiff breeze from the west. Not sure about the w/c but it was definitely to cold for single layer running shorts.

I actually ran quite well for a morning run – especially one where I was feeling pretty stiff prior to running. I moved well. Dare I say, I was a touch fluid today. Felt good. Like it used to. It’s been almost 2 months since I got back at it and the last 5 weeks have been quite consistent, so I’d say I’m right where I should be.

Didn’t see anything interesting. No other runners. Nothing funny, odd or interesting. I really just ran. I spent most of the run looking for somewhere to go to the bathroom but convinced myself that the sensation was more due to being cold/shrinkage than actually needing to go. Now that I’m, ahem, warmed up, I think I was right.

I ran solid and consistent. Felt like I was in a good body position. It was just a good solid positive run. Hope it wasn’t fake.

Plan is a 12k home tonight, but that could change obviously.

That is all for now…


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