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Sunday am 40k

Did the first 40k of the pretzel. Remaining 33k to come when I get home.

Started 20 minutes late. Spent the ride moving up through the pack. Passed quite a number of people struggling up the Kom and the radio tower.

I didn’t ride hard. Probably 225w average for the climbing. I drafted down with the exception of the few points where I needed to pedal.

Funny. I managed to get the green jersey. I rode hard but nothing special. 700w average. My time is almost 2 seconds slower than my pb on the segment (set at 900 watt avg). Though I’m sure it spiked higher within the averaging period. I guess all the other riders on the course didn’t feel like putting out all the watts given the duration and climbing of the ride.

Felt fine but just didn’t have the extra hour to finish the ride. As far as I can tell the last 32k involves the 1st climb forward and the epic Kom in reverse. Don’t believe I have to do the radio tower again.

This is the final stage. I have to make up stage 3 due to zwift dropping during the ride. Will do that next weekend.

That is all for now…


Friday 34k

First workout since the weekend. NYC trip was good but was a screw up on the back end.

Tried to do ride on Friday am but couldn’t get out of bed. Had drinks after work and came home. Got kids to bed. Did the race. 34k ride. Reverse mountain 8 route.

Started slow and was in the bottom 10 or 20 rides for the first bit. Once the climbing started I began to move up. By the top of the mountain I was in the mid 40s and I held that placing up and over the radio tower.

I lost a few placings on the descent but stayed in top 25 percent. There was a regrouping on the flats at the bottom. A few people behind me towed my up to a few people ahead of me. We rode together for a while. I was falling off the back throughout but just managed to stay on.

Eventually 3 people pulled away and the remaining 3 of us rode in.

I finished mid 40s. Top 25 percent. If I had started differently I would have finished with a different pack – likely top 20 percent but the ride wouldn’t have been all that different.

I was absolutely shattered after the ride. All jittery and shaky. Great effort on my part. Took me hours to get under control.

Very happy with the ride.

That is all for now…

Saturday 15k

Wow. Spring finally arrived.

Finally got my bike home from the office. Over dressed for the ride. Still – so nice to ride outside.

Nothing to Comment on .

That is all for now…

Sunday 30k

Short wup and then 30k in zwift. 2 London laps. First one was 26 minutes high and 2nd one was 30 minutes high.

I took the beginning of both laps easy and accelerated throughout. I rode the hill on the first lap hard and merely steady on the 2nd lap. I rode the end of both laps at a decent pace.

Suspect my potential best is 25 minutes mid to low on the 15k lap w 200m of climbing. I’m OK with that. Probably better if in a pack.

I did a pb on box hill today. 7.56. Bettered my old time by 3 seconds. Small amount of room for improvement. Essentially I held 300w for 8 minutes – good for me. I didn’t get the pb because I climbed faster – rather I got it because I rode the 3/4 percent incline sections faster. Don’t see myself breaking 7 minutes for the 3km 4.5 percent hill but definitely some room for improvement. Being in a group would help but it would be a fake time. Shame.

I wasn’t sure what to do today. I selected the hills of surrey and was put into this course instead. Seems to be a zwift/iPad issue of late frankly. Generally I find the London routes to be very boring. At least the hills of surrey isn’t boring. I wish it was easier to switch world’s on an iPad.

My WA power was 231 which is good for me. I felt very strong after the ride. Today was a good 1 hour workout for me. 30k with over 400m of climbing in an hour doesn’t suck. At least it doesn’t for me.

Looking forward to getting back on watopia. Have to mountain 8 route this week and then the 72k pretzel on the weekend. I’ve never done it before. Will be well over a 2hr ride. Maybe 3 hours given that I’m doing all the 3 sisters climbing 2x. Will have to see.

Hope to ride on Monday morning. Another 30k effort. This time will be hills of surrey. I’ll try to ride early. Off to NYC for a very short trip. Suspect I won’t workout on Tues or Wed as a result. Then Thurs zwift, Fri run, sat run and sun zwift.

That is all for now…

Friday 48k zwift

Did stage 5 this morning. 48k, 890m of climbing – ie the 3 sisters route.

Woke up at 445 to join the event and then back to sleep for 45 minutes. Started riding at 6am. Finished 1 hour and 45 minutes later. Good ride. Not great but definitely a good workout.

I never really rode hard. I tried to be 225w approx for the climbing – I was a little under as it turned out – mainly a function of easing up with the gradient.

I did slow times up all the climbs. 3.5 minutes, 31 minutes and 10 minutes respectively. All considerably slower than my average. The volcano being the closest of the 3 to my average.

I went up the radio tower. Not my favourite thing to do. I just don’t enjoy the pointless grind at 13 to 15 percent. No fun doing that just to get to a radio tower. They need to put something up there or give xp or something. Otherwise it is just a pointless grind. I’d rather descend and then climb back up for 15 minutes. I feel like I would get more out of it. I guess I feel lack of incentivation and the grade is so steep that the grinding at 9 or 10km per hour feels pointless. I’d rather go up at 8 percent and ride at 20km per hour and feel like I’m actually going somewhere.

I rode quite hard the last 7km as I wanted to get in by 1 hour 45 minutes. It took some effort but I achieved it by 20 seconds.

I spent most of the ride looking around and tracking how far behind the he slowest person I was. In the end, I almost caught them. Another climb and I would have got them. Oh well.

My WA watts were right around 200 which seems correct.

Happy I don’t have to ride Saturday night. I might get up early and do a quick spin tomorrow as it looks like torrential rain all day. Plan to zwift on Sunday as well.

That is allsll for now. ..

Wednesday 20k

20k in game and somewhere between 1-2k warmup.

Went up the reverse Kom and down plus a bit of flat riding. 470m of climbing. 43 minutes in game and 3-5 minutes out.

Nice little evening workout and ride. Originally I was going to ride a but easy and just get 20k in but I rode harder once I got going.

I rode near my limit on the reverse Kom. Went up in my small ring. Could have gone a bit quicker but not a ton. I eased up a bit once I realized I would miss the jersey by about 30 seconds. Had I continued onwards I would have been about 10 percent off my pb. Most of the lost time coming on the lower slopes. At least 30 seconds if I had to guess.

I have never put out those kind of watts in the small ring before. Kind of interesting. I spun up in some of the harder gears. Made me think of the impact the alp will have on me. I used to think the 8/9/10 percent pitches on the reverse Kom were really tough. Now they seem – in the small ring – relatively OK. Crazy how 12k at those percentages will make you think that.

Tomorrow I am running home. Supposed to be really nice. Though windy. Hope it is nice. I could use it. Really hope I run. Also really hope I run in on Friday am.

Lot of zwifting this week. Been good to me. Glad I have it.

That is all for now…

Wednesday am 33k

3k wup and 30k in game. Probably just under an hour of riding. The 30k race took me 47 minutes.

Good solid effort. Definitely reeling a bit from morning legs but otherwise good. The route was the figure 8 which is a gently rolling/flat route with 2x 50m climbs – one being a drawn out drag and the other being a shorter punchier climb.

There were just under 600 people racing. I was in the low 200s (was 180 at one point after a climb but couldn’t maintain my place on a descent).

Good lesson today in group riding. I spent much of the ride in small pockets between large groups. I was either 15 seconds ahead or 15 seconds behind larger groups. When we climbed I would be in the group ahead and when we descended I would be in the group behind. Was a bit of a yoyo ride as such.

It forced me to be cognizant of latching on and falling back into pockets – otherwise I would just burn up on the flats by myself.

My wa was 213w – which seems about right. It was a good solid ride for me but nothing special. I didn’t go especially deep – though I was on edge at times and I just kind of rode hard.

I’m not a great morning workout guy. Today was decent when taken in that context.

These rides are interesting. They give me a different visual into how I stack up within zwift. Normally I expect myself to be approx top 10 percent overall. The races indicate that amongst people doing races/group rides I am top 20 percent on climbs and a little worse than top 3 on other routes. That makes sense to me and lines up with my experience in areas requiring level 10/12 status.

I like seeing how I struggle in the last 5km of hard efforts. My fitness just isn’t there and I hold on though drafting and timely inclines allowing me to latch back on. Will be good when my fitness comes back and I can lay down decent power and hold it for longer.

Hope for a run home tonight. That isn’t going to happen. Next best is to do a modest ride between putting the kids down and Sonia coming downstairs. Have time for a 40-45 minute effort. Sufficient to go up the mountain. That is likely what I will do. Either that or I will go half way up the alp again. Will have to see.

That is all for now…