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Thursday am 8k

Slept well. Wow.

Up before 7 and out before 720. Cold morning but nice. Wind from the north had a slight bite. Negative 10 or worse.

Really frustrated by winter. Always am. I just doesn’t let go quickly enough. 14 day forecast only has 2 cycle-able days. Problem is the 10-15 degree swing from Morning windchill to afternoon temperature. Sucks. Oh well. 2 more weeks of running -at least.

Probably for the best.

Run was fine. Caught myself heading onto my 6k route and corrected. Really need to get back in a good routine and need to feel somewhat fit again. Probably 2 months away. Again. Fuck.

Didn’t see much on the run. Zoned out. Lot of odd thoughts. Life is a bit tough right now. It will improve.

That is all for now…


Tuesday am 10k

Subway was broken today – to avoid shuttle bus hell I decided to run to st George. Very good decision.

Had to give away my coffee and the line up at St George was too long. If that is what I’m complaining about it isn’t a big deal.

Run was fine. Tired. Didn’t see much to Broadview and then it was a sea of traffic and people.

I’ve never see 40 buses in a line before. Stretched in a line from castle frank to Broadview. He entire way. Probably more that 40. Not sure how long the service suspension had been on for but it seemed a more orderly process than usual.

So happy I ran today vs taking ttc. Would have lost my mind.

Hoping for a 6k home. Skipped last night. Just couldn’t do it.

That is all for now. ..

Monday am 6k

So much for last week. Obliterated Sick on Sunday and Monday. Regular sick on Tuesday. Strep throat on Thursday. Better now? Who knows.

Ran in. Cold. Windchill was apparently minus 16. Not sure if that is correct. But it sums up why I don’t like March. Winter should hurry up and end.

Run was fine. Typical first run back. I fresh legs. I will feel worse every run for the next 2 weeks.

Speaking of which. Only 2-3 more weeks of running I think. Will try to get good fitness value out of it and then back to the bike. I’m less sick of running this year than last year though. Function of doing less of it recently.

Ideally Wednesday will be my off day this week -and Sunday.

A 2 day ride to Ottawa is forming in my mind.

Also – surprised to learn that I could get from Montreal to Halifax in 5 days (4 if I needed to). I’d like to get to the ocean someday. Was looking at a map the other day. The ride across Canada seems to suck through northern Ontario as there is only 1 road. I think if I ever went west that I would go through America. Which begs whether or not I should focus on going to NYC instead of Halifax. Anyways. Hardy matters right now.

That is all for now…

Saturday pm 18k cycle

Had to skip Thursday pm due to bringing laptop home. All over the city on Friday and skipped Saturday am due to bringing in laptop. Brutal.

Cold blustery and snow squalls on Saturday afternoon. Intelligently I rode my bike from office to friends house.

18k. Uphill. I’m out of shape.

I rode hard at times and I could feel it. I blew it all out on a small incline near my friends house. Fuck. I’m way out of shape. And – I have no motivation. Not feel good about the direction this is heading.

That is all for now…

Thursday am 6k

Skipped Wednesday pm run – at work well past 9pm.

Ran in next morning. Shoddy run. Felt brutal. Don’t remember much else.

Week started well and fell apart fitness wise.

That is all for now.

Wednesday am 6k

Supposed to be 8k. Felt terrible during the run. Cold sweats, weak, hungry, etc. Body was having none of it.

Ran to coffee shop and got on ttc at Broadview. Oh well. I guess that means Saturday is my next chance at 8k. Will see if it happens.

Nothing good to mention on the run. Did see a strong female runner. Also saw a dad playing w his kids – chasing them around. Cute.

Otherwise -an ugly dreary forgettable run. Hope for a 6k home.

Tomorrow and Friday are screw ups. Need to get my laptop to a client on Friday and need to get it back to office on Saturday. Think I have a mule 1 way but not the other. Also at an all day event tomorrow that I don’t have time for. Ideally will wake up early and cycle but doubt it.

That is all for now…

Tuesday pm 6k

Ran home. Slightly frozen mist in the air. Kind of neat effect.

Ran angry. Go figure. Fucking work.

Nothing really going on during the run. Just regular run of the mill stuff. It went quite quickly actually.

That is all for now. ..