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Tuesday am 6k

Slept in a bit this morning. Definitely over tired. Apparently I had my puffy look that I have when I am weary.

Run was fine. Bit of a slough. Due to sleep in I only did 6k. Very windy this morning. Very.

I saw and ran in the vicinity of another runner for nearly 4k. Was going to say hi but she moved to the other side of the street and was going slower.

Rest of the run was very standard, but for the wind. I managed to partially zone out. That is a win. I’m generally not zoning out these days. Lack of fitness.

Had some chest pain all day. I think it is from my bag. I get it right where the strap digs in.

Didn’t have a productive day today. But I did manage to get some stuff done. So better than nothing.

My schedule appears to ease up after this Saturday. Hope so. Feeling some pressure.

Just heard there is a service suspension on the ttc. Waiting to see if I’m caught up. No news from ttc of course. I guess I can just run all the way home vs the shorter route. Will see.

That is all for now…


Monday pm 7k

Ran home. Just a quick spin. Left the office late – my wife was kind enough to cover for me.

Run was fine. Wasn’t fast or slow, good or bad. It just was. I didn’t see anything interesting.

In fact, the only moment of interest was when I took a wrong turn and ran 500m into a dead end. Hence the 7k vs the 6k distance.

Got home. Had a quick dinner. Bathed the kids and got them into bed. Talked to the wife. People tell me that I will miss this when I’m older. But I’m tired.

That is all for now…

Monday am 8k

Missed my Saturday run home. Pouring rain. Wasn’t going to run.

Flat out skipped riding on sunday. Bit of a lost cause I think.

Ran 8k this morning. Positive. I’d like to get back in the swing of 8k am runs. Eventually get them up to 9 or 10k runs depending on the ttc station I use.

Running home will likely stay at 6k or 7k runs from the office. There is too much value in a door to door commute of 1hr inclusive of a 6k run.

Run was fine. Saw nothing. Cold and dreary and grey and windy. Wore a jacket and a running tuque. Shit day.

That is all for now…

Saturday am 6k

Ah the horse. I seem to be unable to stay on it these days.

I can’t remember if I ran home yesterday or not. Guessing I did else my bag wouldn’t have been at home, but I honest to god can’t remember. All I have are #s, deadlines, and partnership drama playing on repeat in my mind.

Crazy times right now. I’m feeling the stress actually. But I should be. Retiring partner. Actually picking up work here and there. It is the way it should be -how could it be otherwise.

Run in this morning was bad. Heavy and lethargic. Sloughed along. Brutal. I intended on 8k but did 6k. I have to get over that 6k Crack run. Just not a good use of my time anymore. Said I would run longer in the evening but it is raining heavily. Eff me. Blown day workout wise. No wonder I’m not seeing any fitness progress.

Ideally I’ll cycle 50k tomorrow. But I’ve said that for weeks. I’m slipping. I’m not happy. It’s all on me though. Need to commit or fall apart and have to endure the long cruel climb from fatness to fitness.

Not a great post.

That is all for now…

Thursday am 6k

Up. Late. Dreary morning.

Slow run. Strong headwind. Depressing lack of daylight this month.

Not loving it right now. Need to maintain my course and not waver. If I stick to it, I’ll be fit again come end of January. If I waver, I’ll slip back down the slope.

Saw 2 fast runners. Man and a woman. Proper runners. Not like me.

Felt heavy. Running through quicksand. Almost a dreary shuffle vs a run. It will get better.

Off tonight. Dinner with my partners. Hope I can run home tomorrow. Double on Saturday. 50k ride on sunday.

That is all for now. ..

Wednesday pm 6k

Ran home again last night. Shame I couldn’t get out of bed and ride in the morning. I think I should give up on that idea. Isn’t going to happen.

Run was fine. Door to door in an hour inclusive of a 6k is pretty good time management wise.

Don’t think I saw anything worth mentioning. Cold dreary dark night. 3 more months of this crap.

That is all for now…

Tuesday 6k

Wow. Really fell off the horse.

Got back on last night. Hopefully I stay on it.

Going to make a concerted effort t9 get back to 8k am efforts this week. Eventually I want to get that up to 10k but I’ll settle for 8k efforts for now.

The pm efforts will remain 6k. I like the impact it has on my commute time -specifically that I avg – on average – indifferent on commute wise. Just can’t beat that.

That is all for now…