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31k zwift

Up alpe du huez this morning. Figured if the Tour de France guys were going up so should I 🙂

They went up much faster than I did. I didn’t even attempt speed. Rather I tried to average 200w for my first bike ride and first proper workout in several weeks.

Good thing I had low expectations because I bArely met them. Just kind of rode. Regardless of the lack of effort it is very clear to me that rides like that don’t suit me. Not sure why – they just don’t. I feel like my power to weight ratio just isn’t high enough. Like, my inherent or best case ratio isn’t high enough. I like climbing – I really enjoy it – but climbs that sit at 10 percent for long stretches aren’t for me.

Still I got up the climb. I hit level 19 while on the climb. Level 20 is ages away. Couldn’t care less about the levels anyways. I’m within 5000m of the tron bike. Looking forward to that in so much as i have something to look forward to. Only 10 percent more 🙂

I’m going to do more climbing tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll do a double ascent of the original mountain or if I’ll do huez again. I’m thinking double ascent.

That is all for now…


First workout back

Couldn’t stomach the thought of cycling and was feeling jet lagged. Decided to go for a run instead. Great choice.

Did something between 8-9k. Was good. Certainly felt good. I did a loop down by the lake. Gorgeous. I miss running down there so much. Loved the scenery. Zoned out at times and just worked through things in my head. Lots of angst unfortunately.

Got home and did dryland. Felt good. I had done some dryland the previous day and had done several in Amsterdam. No workouts in Paris. Just wasn’t in the cards.

That is all for now…

That is all for now…

Running in Amsterdam part 3

Up early and ran again. Some GI issues resulted in the run being cut short. Shame.

I went a different way and saw a slightly more run down version of Amsterdam. It was still ok.

Not much else to comment on. Did the coffee and FaceTime thing again. It was nice again.

That is all for now…

Running in Amsterdam part 2

Up early again and ran again.

Even better this morning. Ran longer as a result. Just felt so good and healthy. Saw lots of early morning Amsterdam. Sleepy city at 6 and 7am. More so than Toronto by a large margin.

Everyone I saw was very friendly though. Lots of good mornings and how are you exchanged. Was even near central station and saw lots of tourists coming in and leaving.

One tourist commented to another that I looked like a movie star as I ran by – which is kind but absurd.

I got back from my run and someone I knew wanted to FaceTime. So I grabbed a coffee and FaceTimed. Good talk. Nice way for others to see where you are.

That is all for now…

Running in Amsterdam part 1

Up at 5am for no good reason. Few texts with people back in Toronto that were still up and about.

Out and ran. Didn’t run long – maybe 5k at most.

Gorgeous morning. Felt so healthy to be out running along the canals in the early morning sunshine. Almost felt like the start of my real vacation. I had fun in Paris but it never felt good. Part jet lag and part angst. I did the best I could but no way to hide the way I was feeling.

Anyways, looped back. Talked a bit more with people in Toronto and Jakarta and then drank coffee before walking my mother in law to the aunts condo and walking back (a further 5k).

That is all for now…

Wednesday am 15k

Rode in this morning.

Not sure if it was slow or not. Certainly wasn’t fast though.

I guess it was good in the sense that I was active. Got freaking out in then pm about riding home – so I didn’t. No real reason. I’d say it is classic pre vacation neuroticism. But maybe I’m just being safe and smart.

Of course now I feel pudgy. Which is absurd but I do. I need to not care.

My wife has been gone 4 days and I think has reached out 1x. I think that speaks volumes. She just isn’t interested.

I’m going out tonight. Crazy that I’m doing this. I can’t believe this is what it has come to. Not happy. Really not happy about it.

No workout tomorrow. Maybe dryland but I doubt it. I’ll be too busy packing and cooking and what not.

That is all for now…

Tuesday 30k

Rode in and out today.

Actually felt good on the ride in. Not sure but it just felt easy. Pleased me. Especially after the past bit.

My wrists really hurt. Which is normal. Nothing I can do about it. But my left wrist was an absolute mess.

Spent some time in the drops today. Standing and seated. Didn’t ride fast on the way in but I had some hard riding coming home.

Broke into the top 10 on a large strava segment along the danforth bike lanes. Pretty happy about that. Held just under 40km per hour average speed. Pretty good for me. Not sure I believe it though. But I’ll take it.

Pretty sleepy. Think I will ride again tomorrow. Then that is it for a few days. Maybe dryland every day but otherwise giving my legs a break.

Hope all goes well tomorrow.

That is all for now…