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Monday am 6k

Ran to Broadview this morning. Amazing sleep. It’s been awhile since I woke up rested.

Cool morning. Felt like 4c. Felt nice, crisp and healthy. I was a bit worried about being too hot/cold but I nailed the clothing choice.

Ran steady. Not particularly well. I actually felt decent for most of the run. Felt good enough to get up on the front of my feet and maintain pace up several hills.

Probably the best I’ve felt on my 4 runs since end of April. Felt good enough that I’m toying with doubling up and running home. I think common sense will get the better of me though. Instead I will run in tomorrow and bike home. Good to see how back to back days (even short days) will feel.

Saw another woman running. She was also going to work by the look of it. Otherwise not much of interest apart from the downed tree limbs just south of danforth.

Took a new combination of side streets to Broadview and danforth and found it to be mentally easier. Will probably play around with that over the next month.

Assuming my right foot doesn’t become a problem I will try and do 4 runs this week. Next week I will try same but with short doubles.

This week will hopefully playout with another 6k run in tomorrow with a ride home and then a run 8k run in on Wednesday followed by a full day ride on Thursday. I think Friday is my off day this week. Saturday and Sunday will be zwift days.

The above gives me 3 runs for 20k and between 100 to 110k of riding. Not much but I need to transition. A few light weeks now will hopefully mean less missed days in the future.

Of course, it means I’m going to endure some weight gain until my 6k and 8k runs can be combined into doubles. Cycling is nearly over and I dicked around for a month re getting back into running. Noone to blame but myself. Ugh.

I guess next week I aim for a daily run with a double on one day. I’ll take one in week day off and cycle on the weekends. 3 weeks hence it will be 2 8k days and 2 doubles with cycling on the weekend. Ideally a month from now I’m doing 4x doubles and cycling on the weekend. If I could maintain that through the winter I would be a happy man.

Need to find some inspiration.

That is all for now…


Sunday 22k

Short sunday ride.

Was supposed to wake up and ride in the am but couldn’t. Becoming a real problem that is.

Rode for 40 minutes before the play.

Paid close attention to the knob and voila. Much better. Almost too good so I’m worried it might have been too tight. I got off and loosened a touch and it was back to normal.

Good rides. 2nd best time up box hill. Best time on the sprint. Good ride though not long enough.

That is all for now…

Saturday 30k+

Zwifted on Saturday. Wasn’t great. Another workout where I had serious issues generating and maintaining power.

Ride was in london. I did a double loop. Went up box hill x 2. Pretty sure those were amongst my slowest times up that hill. My pb is just under 8 minutes (I think). I was doing +-10 minutes and the effort was pretty similar.

Nearly got off the bike feeling pretty down on myself. Then I had a thought. Maybe I’m just not setting up the tension correctly. It was close to 2 full turns of the knob but wasn’t sure if it actually was.

Gave me some hope for Sunday.

That is all for now…

Thursday 35k

Real eff up today.

Ride in was brutal. Just awful. I could barely pedal. As if I had no strength or endurance.

I chalked it up to haven riden hard just 10 hours ago but I know that wasn’t it.

I just Sucked. Simple as that. Eff me.

Came home. Got the kids to bed and Zwifted. Did my first workout and did it in group mode. I liked being in group mode and I initially liked being in erg mode. Until I didn’t.

Not sure what happened but I think my power dipped and erg mode kicked in. It created so much tension that I couldn’t turn the pedals at all. I had to wait for the erg to reset. Except when it reset it didn’t reset very well. I was able to pedal but the 205 watts I was supposed to be generating was grinding me into the ground. I had to stand up to maintain the power at one point. At 205 watts.

205 watts is like a 60 percent effort ride. I could pedal for many many hours at 205 watts. I hope erg mode has a reputation for this issue.

I’ve had a number of not great workouts in a row. I’m going to do some hill climbing on Saturday. Best way to find out what is going on.

That is all for now…

Thursday 15k ride

Was supposed to run but I had too much to carry so I rode.

Felt terrible the entire ride. Brutal. Low on energy and strength. No idea why. It was all I could do just to ride up the hills.

Wonder what is going on.

I want to zwift for an hour tonight. Hope I’m able to.

That is all for now…

Tuesday 25k

Odd zwift ride.

Did my first ever group ride. Was an Academy endurance ride. Consisted of 5 minutes at 150 watts and 10 minutes at 265 watts. Repeated for an hour.

In theory it should have been easy for me. It wasn’t. Not sure if it was classic 1st workout back or if I was tired but I had far more issues than I should have.

I found that the group never rode at the listed max watts/kg (2/3.5). The group was constantly surging. My watt range was all over the place as I rode with the lead group. It was exhausting to surge like that. It was the exact opposite of how I ride.

I got to experience the draft effect. I was going over 50k per hour at 265 watts over flat group for periods of time. It was like I was being Sucked along.

I also got to experience drifting off the back of a big group. I had to ride like crazy to get back on. 500+ watts. Towards the end I got dropped on a descent. I pedaled like crazy but I just couldn’t get back on.

Good first experience. Really highlights a number of things for me. I need to address these things. I think I am going to make more of an effort to do group rides.

Oh. Pumped up the rear tire. The crazy whirling sound was gone all ride. Hope that was the end of it.

That is all for now….

Thursday 6k

Posting very late.

Ran in. Don’t remember anything other than the route.

Felt rough at times and fine at others. I’m pretty out of shape. Feel like this might be my heaviest point since the hip break.

The cycling was great but I have to remember that 1hr ride doesn’t count for much. I need to either tighten up what I eat and drink or do 26/15k cycle days instead of 15/15 cycle days if I want to not get chubby.

Zwift is good for hill climbing and power but I can’t ride long enough to treat it as a weight burning workout. Really only good for power.

After the run i Stopped to grab coffee and then went to office.

Not sure about this week. Cycle monday/tuesday and will likely do 3-4 short runs. Need to ramp up with short runs. Once I’m used to the frequency I’ll elongate. Only a few more weeks until I need to be at 50-60k range.

End of the season is almost here. 5 months of darkness coming. Tough.

That is all for now…