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Sunday 36k

10k w Liam and then 25k ride in zwift and dryland.

Good active day.

Can’t believe Liam rode all the way to the lighthouse and back without stopping. Incredible. Happiest I have been in forever to be able to do that with him. Eyes teared up. Ugh.

Zwift was fine. D8d the surrey hills but stopped at 1 hour which is short 1 hill. OK though. Didn’t ride super hard. Just kind of rode steady. Did put in some effort at times but otherwise just rode.

Long day. Could be a pretty bad one. Not feeling great. Didn’t sleep well.

That is all for now. ..


Friday am 6k

6k short run this morning. Might so another 5k later today. Unsure.

Run was fine. Great weather for running. Sunny. Sub 10 degrees. Felt wonderful and fresh.

Didn’t see much. Nothing in fact. Just people going about their mornings. Interesting how sleepy of a city Toronto is. NYC is bursting at 730am. Jakarta is in full swing. Toronto is just waking up. I’m going to pay attention to Amsterdam and Paris and chicago this summer and try to get a fair comparison.

Run felt fine. I guess. Nothing special that is for sure.

Did a 4-5k run after work. Was OK. Nothing special – just a run. Didn’t see much. One lady pushing herself hard up a hill that’s it. I ran up a decent little hill and a gradual one. Rest had a bunch of downhill.

No more running for a bit. Zwifting on the menu for next 3 days.

That is all for now…

Thursday 30k plus dryland

Rode in and out.

Nice ride. Bit chilly at first but warmed up about 3k into the ride.

Didn’t ride quickly or anything (in either direction). Just wasn’t that kind of day or ride.

Really nothing to talk about.

That is all for now. ..

Thursday 11k and dryland

Did a number on myself last night.

Just messed my tooth up and was in real pain all night. Couldn’t sleep. When I finally got myself to sleep the pain woke me up. Similar to rolling onto a freshly broken hip in your sleep. Just pain.

Smoked a bit and got myself to sleep. Slept way in. Didn’t ride. Don’t like riding through rush hour traffic. Stressful. Not safe.

Did a super easy 5k (ish) at lunch and 6k home. Then did 4 sets of dryland. Felt good. Looking better. Already feeling the improvement of a stronger core when running and cycling. Better posture and able to draw upon power differently. Nice. Hope I keep it up.

Run home was much better than yesterday. Still not great. But much better.

Plan is to cycle tomorrow plus dryland and to run in on Friday. Then zwift Saturday through Monday with 2 dryland days in there.

Will see.

That is all for now…

Wednesday 6k run

Raining hard this morning and bailed on riding.

Ran home instead.

First warm run of the year. I was very uncomfortable. Lot of physical stress being expressed by my body throughout the run. I never felt comfortable. Never felt good. Just felt like I was dealing with pressure throughout.

Happy to be done.

That is all for now…

30k ride and 4-5k run

Rode in and out today. Also did a lunch time walk-run with one of the guys in the office who is trying to get back into shape.

Nothing special on either ride. Just rode. A tad chilly in the am. Lots of watering eyes. I felt decent on the bike today. Some real leg strength. Not so much in terms of power but in terms of maintaining power. Didn’t see much.

Ride home was also good. Rode strong. Head wind throughout. Really accelerated quickly and held it nicely. Legs will be very strong if I can keep this up.

Short run. 4-5k. Walk run. Guy in my office is trying to get back in shape. Poor guy is toast. Going to help him get his legs back underneath him. Certainly been there. Feel for him. He has a lot of work ahead of him.

That is all for now…

Saturday 31k plus dryland

Did dryland early in the day. Pushups, abs, squats and lunges.

Once I got the kids to bed I went and did the alpe in zwift. Was good. Finally did it in under an hour. Just. Rode very controlled for the first half and then pressed effort wise later once finishing in under an hour became realistic.

Tons of mental math being done throughout most of that hour. I knew I was going to be 1 minute to either said. It was a very calculated and marshaled effort.

My time isn’t in the top 20 percent. Which bothers me frankly. I think if I rode with purpose on a good day I would be looking at 56 minutes. Doubt I could get much under that at my current fitness.

Which brings me to alpe goals. Definitely want to get down to 55 minutes over the course of the summer. First, I want to get a hard purposeful ride in and have a solid starting pb. I feel like the ride I did last night is about 20 watts light from what I could truly sustain for an hour.

Legs and body are feeling it right now. Put in a solid week. Hope to keep it going for 6 more weeks – then I get a week off in early July.

This week will hopefully be cycling centric and lots of dryland and a few short runs.

That is all for now…