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Tuesday pm 6k

Lazy and ran from Broadview again.

Nice evening temperature wise. Beautiful large fluffy snowflakes. Unfortunately it because greasy quite quickly and traction significant worsened.

Other than greasy footing the run was good. Zoned out for a bit. Felt decent. Really was up on my feet and actually running today. It’s been forever since I actually ran a bit. Feels good. Took a long time to get back to this. Still well put of shape and definitely have 5lb to lose to be in a decent zone but otherwise not terrible.

Tomorrow is an odd day. Have a 9a m up north. Taking ttc so that I can run home. Ideally I’ll run 10k tomorrow night. Happy that I am able to squeeze something in.

If I can find a way to eke out a short double on Thursday I’ll be pretty impressed. Even if it is just 2x 6k. Every little bit counts.

That is all for now. ..


Tuesday am 8k

Ran in. Cold but not bad. Snowy but not deep. Just a fun fun winter running day.

Did see much about. A streetcar was stuck at a turn. Other than that nothing other than the snow plows being out. No runners. No cyclists. Nothing. Just me. Alone.

Run was a greasy affair. Not a ton of traction due to the snow. Not much snow fell last night. More than I expected but also not much. Just enough to screw up my traction. Guessing 5cm.

Despite the lack of traction, I ran reasonably well. I could feel power coming through and I had decent leg turnover. Good in that respect. Certainly getting better.

Hoping for a 7k home. Only 1 run tomorrow.

That is all for now…

Monday pm 6k

Ugh. Got off at Broadview and ran from there. Lame.

Run was fine. Slippery due to the greasy and fine particled new snow. Really had a tendency to get in my eyes which stung a bit given that I was running into a decent headwind the whole way.

Didn’t see any other runners. Maybe 1 or 2 cyclists (very dangerous to ride on a night like tonight).

Managed to zone out at times but tough given the people dodging, traction concentration and the particled snow blowing in my eyes.

Happy I ran. Felt good afterwards. In fact, I actually felt a touch weary afterwards. Makes sense. 15 days on. 1 day off then a double, a hard cycling effort and then another double. Ha. More to come. Hopefully.

Going to go do and quick shovel in about 20 minutes.

That is all for now…

Monday am 8k

Chilly windy morning. For once the wind was at my back.

Ran to queens park. Nice run. Aided by the tailwind. I’ll take it.

Saw a few cyclists and 1 other runner. I said hi and made small talk at a red light.

Definitely feeling a bit lighter on my feet. Good. It’s been a while since I felt a semblance of fitness. Hoping for a 7k home. Will see.

Managed to zone out a bit on the run in. Also nice. In general, it is nice to run when you start feeling fit again. Being up on my feet and feeling as though I’m delivering a bit of power through my legs – instead of shuffling -makes the whole ordeal less mentally taxing.

Not sure about this week. Ideally I will run doubles Monday and Tuesday, a single home on Wednesday, a single in on Thursday, off on Friday, run a double on Saturday and zwift on Sunday. That is my best case scenario. Will see how it all falls out.

That is all for now…

Sunday 29k

Zwifted. London. 28k in game and 1k warmup. Rode for 1 hour in game.

Did the surrey hill route but stopped short. Climbed 575m. Good workout. Good route. Suddenly I’m more interested in London. Nice that they added some climbs and made it relevant.

Did a pb on one of the new hills (7:22). Definitely able to get below 7. Don’t think I could ever go sub 6 though.

Rode steady. Avg was over 200 for the first time in awhile and my WA was 223 – which it hasn’t been in awhile.

Really think the 40k surrey hill route is a great workout. Lots of climbing. Some sharp and some steady. None of the climbs are more than 4k (usually 2-3k) – which is fine. I would love a long steady climb in Zwift but the shorter ones are useful and likely far more popular.

Feeling a little rough right now.

That is all for now…

Saturday pm 6k

Shorter run this evening.

Still quite cold – perhaps a bit better than this morning but not much. Throat closed up a bit while running. Not sure why but I’m still feeling it.

Came home and had a hot bowl of broth w some rice. Good.

Run was fine. I am starting to get back up on my feet again. Starting to feel a touch lighter on my feet as well. Slightly more running and slightly less shuffling happening. It’s taken long enough that is for sure.

Didn’t see much coming home. 1 runner. No cyclists. Not many people out and about – even on Danforth.

Nice running home in the light. I will really start to notice the difference in light pretty soon. Before I know it I’ll be in the daylight both ways.

Hoping to zwift tomorrow. Ideally an hour – perhaps more. I’d like to get in some nice climbing. Will see.

Not sure about next week’s plan. Suspect I will take Thursday off altogether. I’ll likely have a bit of a screw up on Friday. Will see.

That is all for now…


Up late. Hung out with family for an hour and then left for the office.

Bright sunny and cold. -24 with the wc and it is windy. I dressed perfectly. I do much better with dressing for minus 5 and below than I do with dressing for 0 degrees.

Woke up a bit hungover. 2 drinks out with friends turned to 4 and then I had a fifth at home. Better to have 2 out and 2 at home and to have skipped the 5th.

Anyways. 6k run in the cold and the hangover is long gone. Figured that would happen.

Didn’t see any other runners. Or cyclists. Or really anyone. Pretty much just me and some dog walkers and people taking their kids to swimming. That’s it.

Run was fine. Zoned out really well. Slippery. Hoping to run 8k home. Will see.

That is all for now…