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Wednesday pm 6k

Took Tuesday night off – nanny issues. As a result I took Wednesday am off (too much stuff to lug).

Ran home Wednesday night. Cold. Not insanely cold but absolutely cold.

Moved well actually. Felt light on my feet at times. Surprising.

Didn’t see much going on. Snow everywhere. The world is pretty again as a result.

Ran quick-ish. Home sooner than usual. Good thing as it was my daughters Christmas concert.

Hoping to run doubles on Thurs and Friday and then a single on Saturday. Will see what happens.

That is all for now…


Tuesday am 6k

And that was a proper dirty run. At least it wasn’t cold.

Few inches of snow, few inches of slush and sometimes there was 4-5 inches of snow. Not terrible but it was greasy snow and that made for a general lack of traction. The slush was a pain. Nothing like wet feet in the winter.

Lots of people out shoveling. I shoveled at night and will again this evening. Apparently we are having nanny problems today. She fell last night playing with her son in the snow. Tough. Hope she gets better.


I think it is going to be a tough running month with all the snow. Hopefully it means a white Christmas and lots of tobogganing with the kids though.

That is all for now…

Monday pm 6k

Ran home. Cold snowy night.

Snow was in my face and in my eyes. First dirty run since last winter. Not used to it.

Run was fine. Enough snow on the ground to cover the Grey and the brown. Looked pretty.

Didn’t see any other runners. People were out and about though.

Got home and shoveled. Fun times. More of that tomorrow.

That is all for now.

Monday am 6k

And – I’m back at it. Last week was a complete write off. Couldn’t run commute and didn’t have a bike set up. Pretty much a debacle all around.

Trying to avoid that this week.

Run in was fine. Man. Felt good to be on fresh legs – even if I was feeling heavy and slow.

Didn’t see anything interesting. Sunrise looked nice I guess. Suprised I saw it through the gloom.

That is all for now…

Monday am 6k

Up late and out slow.

Nice morning for a run. Though no sun.

Moved decently actually. Bit of a surprise. Saw 2 other runners. Both nice and social.

Not much else to report. Ttc is a complete screw up today. Complete screw up.

Also – won’t be running a double today due to work and my running schedule for the week is basically a complete mess. I’ll just do what I can. Get in runs where I can. I guess it is important to have a rest week here and there. Well. This is going to be my rest week.

That is all for now…

Saturday pm 6k

Wow. I really didn’t want to do that run. I did it purely because I would have admonished myself if I hadn’t of done it. But, my god – I didn’t want to run.

I was dressed correctly for the warm weather. Nice. I was pretty tired though. Not sure why but I was really struggling at times.

I weighed myself Saturday night. 172 pounds. Better than I expected. I was just under 180 pounds 3 to 4 weeks ago. I was particularly bloated on the day I weighed myself but I was still quite heavy.

I think if I shaved down I would see that I’ve made a bit of progress. If I keep it up I’ll go into the holidays in not terrible shape. Hard to keep it up though. Work parties/get togethers/eating and drinking. I’ll do the best I can. At least I feel like I’ve made a small amount of progress.

Next week is interesting, best case is as follows:

Monday double. Tuesday off. Wednesday single. Thursday single. Friday off. Saturday double. Going to have to do some 8-10k efforts else the week will be shit.

That is all for now…

Saturday am 6k

Ran in. Definitely not feeling great. Definitely a bit rough around the edges from Friday. Glad I didn’t drink after I got home but I was a tiny bit hungover on Saturday regardless.

Run was – what it was. Glad I did it. But that is about it. Didn’t bother going 8k. Figured it was a win just to run.

That is all for now…