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Monday 30k

Rode in and out today.

Didn’t go fast. Just kind of rode.

Journey in was slow and steady. Went up spadina near castle Loma. Not much else going on. Just kind of lumbered around the city on touring bike.

Rode home. Again. Just rode. Not much desire to go fast etc. That lumbering touring bike. Ugh.

Brakes are really going. Need to get the cables looked at. Maybe I’ll drop off for warranty work on Friday.

I’m really debating getting ride of the touring bike and going back to a simple road bike. I’m so sick of the lumbering nature of the bike. I do however love the way it rolls once it gets going.

I’m going to get it fixed up on Friday and get new bar tape. Then I’m going to decide whether to sell or not. I probably won’t sell. It is just more practical and a better bike with greater longevity than a trek 1.2 or similar.

I may buy a cheap used bike that happens to have Shimano 105 groupset for a trainer in the office. Haven’t decided as yet. Depends.

That is all for now…


Sunday 31k easy

First zwift screw up today. Nobody on the entire london course. Just me. Guess there was a glitch and I couldn’t see people.

Ride easy. Just did the ride to get the km in while my daughter was napping and my son was watching the batman movie.

Plan is to cycle this week. Maybe squeeze a run in.

Wonder if high holiday will make for a busy or a quiet week.

That is all for now…

Saturday 31k

Warmed up and Zwifted for 30k.

Did the front section of the 3 sisters. Ran out of battery life. Shame. Need to make sure it is charged in future.

Rode very steady until I got to the radio tower climb – at which point I put myself right into failure. Did the epic kom in 26 high without ever really trying. 26 was my pb when I started zwifting. I suspect I could break 24 now.

The radio tower climb did me in. I just had nothing. Shame. I rode hard down the mountain to try and catch a guy I beat up the mountain but lost to on the radio tower. I pulled him from over 1 minute back to 20 seconds but then he turned off -I gave up shortly before he turned off. The guy and I are pretty similar speed.

Very dizzy after I rode. Realized that I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch. Explained a lot. I had done the ride on a pot of coffee and a cookie.

Watched a few zwift races to get a feel for them. I fit into the 3.2-4 watts per kg group quite nicely based upon kom and epic kom and hilly route lap times. Really only one way to know.

Plan on doing a 1.5 hour ride tomorrow. Either x number of hilly route laps or I might get cute and do a thing whereby I do 3 volcano circuits and a volcano climb and then repeat 3x. I presume tomorrow is a watopia day. If london I have no idea what to do.

Ugh. Just checked. It’s london. I would prefer richmond. More interesting course in terms of the hilly route option. I guess it comes down to whether or not I care to do box hill ad naseum. Not sure what to do. Pretty sure I don’t care about riding up box hill unless I’m going in reverse.

That is all for now…

Wednesday 30k

Zwifted in richmond.

Did the 9k hilly route 3x. Rode easy to steady on the flats the first time through with accelerations on the hills. 2nd time through I rode easy to steady. Third time through I rode steady and nailed the hills.

Ended up with a jersey on the 10 percent gradient hill. Did it in 30 seconds. Much faster than my old pb of 39 seconds. Function of nailing the preceeding descent and then holding the high speed through the flat prior to the hill. Time is pretty decent relative. Close to top 1 percent overall. Makes me happy. I can go a bit faster. Maybe another few seconds.

That was it for the workout.

That is all for now…

Thursday 30k

Rode in and out. Was supposed to run but just didn’t.

Rode the touring bike. Took it easy. Man that thing lumbers, but once you get it going it rolls quite nicely.

Didn’t see much on the way in. Rode behind a guy for 1k with huge calves. Larger man. Huge calves. Went up Christie. Was going to have a coffee but bailed because I wanted to get work done.

Ride home was simple. Just rode. Went decently across bloor. Well. Once I got through the traffic jam of cyclists going 20k per hour through the bike lane bollards section I was able to move decently.

Came down the woodbine bike lanes. Nice to have them but there really isn’t a high usage rate. Really makes me wonder if woodbine was the best option to get from cosburn down to the lake. Probably no other street goes that far and doesn’t have a streetcar on it. Feel a little bit for the drivers though.

Supposed to run on Friday but I want an off day before riding hard on the weekend. Was intending to run. Don’t see it happening.

That is all for now…

Monday 17k

Rode home. Client to oakville go and then exhibition go to my house.

Didn’t have water. Was a bit of a problem yesterday in both directions.

Rode comfortably coming across the city. Tightened my front brake. In reality I need to get the bike in and let them fix my cables. They are very loose.

Don’t like my bar tape. Might not like my handlebars. Would also like a spacer put in. Might change my saddle. Lot that I don’t love about the touring bike. Some that I do.

If I had known about the Apidura bags last summer I wouldn’t have bought a touring bike and would have kept my old trek 1.2.

Bit of an odd week. Ride tuesday, hopefully zwift on wednesday. Will run on either Thursday or Friday – will take the other day off. Saturday and Sunday are zwift days.

That is all for now…

Monday 31k

Rode to oakville. Took train from long branch to oakville.

Rode the touring bike. Slow and steady. Almost missed the train due to the slow part of that comment. I forget how hard it it to maintain 27-28k per hour on the touring bike (avg down to 24-25 when riding in the city).

Quite a headwind heading west at 7am. Always is one. Weather by the lake in the morning near sunrise causes the land/sea breeze. Never shows up on a weather report but anyone who has ever sailed in the harbour knows about it.

Ride was otherwise fine. Didn’t see much of interest. I saw the Buddhist in his robes that I always see. Not much else though.

Posting this a few days late. Don’t remember much else.

That is all for now…